Kate Turvey was able to spend a dream day at the Walden Galleria after winning our recent "Dream Day" contest.  Kate and Nichole started their day by getting a make up makeover at Lord + Taylor.

They then moved on to Euphoria for their new manicures!

And on to have lunch with Clay, Dale and Liz at Bravo!!

After lunch, Kate and Nichole dove into some holiday shopping with the winning gift card from the Galleria!

Next they were joined by Craig Campbell who challenged them to a race at Pole Position Raceway!!  Craig was determined to be the victor and made good on his word - while our own Rob Banks hung tough coming in third capturing 3rd place.  Craig the gold, Guitarist Jason claimed silver and Rob with the bronze!!!  Congratulations!

Kate's day wrapped up with a live show by Craig in her honor in front of Lord + Taylor!!  Kate was singing along to Craig's hit 'Keep Them Kisses Comin'"

All and all it was a successful, fun day for all!!!

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