Buffalo shoppers know that the Walden Galleria is one special mall. 

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One of the biggest in the country, the “Galleria” (as we locals call it) is already stocked with a ton of great stores; from the stand-by favorites Macy’s and Old Navy to high-end retailers like Lululemon, Anthropologie, and  Apple.Could we really want more as a Western New York shopper?

Well, yeah. We do.  

Google Streetview
Google Streetview

What Is The Walden Galleria Missing?

Even though it’s pretty easy to spend an entire weekend afternoon browsing and spending our hard-earned money at the Walden Galleria, Buffalo residents are still hoping to see some other stores in the mall that they’ve seen across New York State. 

To be fair, you could find these popular retail shops in other areas of Western New York - but considering the insane weekend and weeknight traffic in the 716 (and the massive pain of getting from place to place), it could easily take you all day just driving from one store to another.  

Wouldn’t it be nice to find all of our favorite spots to shop in one place? And even nicer if that place was the Walden Galleria?

Facebook via Walden Galleria/Canva
Facebook via Walden Galleria/Canva

12 Stores We Desperately Want In The Walden Galleria

We asked local Buffalo residents which stores they think the Galleria Mall needs, and the most common answers may or may not surprise you. 

These are the best stores that Buffalo shoppers would love to see in the Walden Galleria soon. 

12 Stores We'd Love In The Walden Galleria

Here are 12 stores that we’d love to see make their way inside Buffalo’s Walden Galleria.

Gallery Credit: Megan Carter

Peak Times To Avoid The Walden Galleria For Last Minute Shopping

Gallery Credit: Brett Alan

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