IT'S BACK! The ultimate country fan experience could be yours--just play Power Pumpkin with WYRK! We are giving all of Western New York a chance to attend every big country show in the area with the WYRK Golden Ticket. 

There's only one way to win, and anyone age 18 or older can play. The rules of the contest are simple:

  1. Select six numbers in the form below, five numbers plus the "Power Pumpkin"
    1. You can choose from numbers 1-25, with NO REPEATS
  2. On Friday, October 26th at 9AM, Clay and Liz will be broadcasting LIVE from Wendel's Poultry and Pumpkin Farm in East Concord, where they will play POWER PUMPKIN!
  3. Six pumpkins will be dropped from a cherry picker high above a 25x25 grid of 5'x5' squares, numbered randomly from 1-25.
  4. The sixth pumpkin will be the white "Power Pumpkin".
  5. To win the WYRK Golden Ticket, you must select the correct numbers IN ORDER.

WYRK will stream the Power Pumpkin drop live on Facebook, so you can watch along with the rest of Western New York and see if you have selected the right numbers!

If you don't win, don't worry! Just by selecting your six numbers, you are entered into a drawing for the 2019 WYRK Trifecta Ticket. This gets you into both the WYRK Spring and Fall Acoustic Shows and Taste of Country!

Select your numbers below, and good luck!

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