We had a great opportunity to get backstage before the Eric Church concert in Buffalo last month. What is it like in the radio room? I was able to capture a brief video that shows the amazing set-up Eric has behind the scenes!

Jack Daniels is not only one of Eric church's favorite things to write and sing about, he clearly enjoys the delicious taste of traditional Tennessee whiskey! We were invited backstage to visit with Eric in the radio room and also got to sample a taste or two of the Old No.7 ourselves.

Many of the stars that roll through Buffalo are offering these unique meet and greets to radio as well as fans and members of their fan clubs. This was an especially cool night for my wife and I as we were able to take in a show while our son Hank was home with a babysitter.

I would have loved to show you our chat with Eric. However, understandably, this was more of a one on one that was meant to be just that. Thanks to Eric and his and to management for allowing me to show you a sneak peak of the way that everything was set up. I have to say, besides the Jack Daniels, there was the best beef jerky that I had in a long time for us to enjoy on the snack tray!


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