A New York Yankees superfan takes his fandom so seriously that he delayed attending his sister's wedding to go to a baseball game. "Bald" Vinny Milano is the unquestioned leader of the Bleacher Creatures, the New York Yankees' fan group which performs the Yankee Stadium tradition of the "Roll Call" — chanting the names of the Yankees' starting players until each player acknowledges them from the field.

Saturday afternoon's Yankees' game against the Blue Jays created a conundrum for Milano, because his sister was getting married later in the day in Commack, N.Y., a hour's drive from New York City. Because Milano loves both his sister and the Yankees (equally, we think), he attended the Yanks-Jays game in his tuxedo; started the "Roll Call" and then left for his sister's wedding. If Milano hadn't exited right away, he would have been sure to hear about it:

"This has been the biggest family drama for the past few weeks," Milano said.

For the record, the Yankees won the game, 5-4, over Toronto. No word on how the wedding went, but we assume Milano had an ear bud tuned into Yankee radio announcer John Sterling during the marriage vows.