It's been ridiculously exciting to have the Blue Jays play their home games here in Buffalo. If you're going to the game on Thursday, you're going to want to get there early.  

It was tough getting tickets to this particular series as the Blue Jays take on the Yankees here in Buffalo. They sold out in just a couple hours. There are tons of Yankees fans here, so for the first time this year, the home team might see a split crowd in the stands.

But one thing is for sure...there will be a ton of Buffalo fans there...and chances are, a lot of them will also be Bills fans.  Which is what makes this announcement so much more exciting: of the most talked-about quarterbacks in the NFL will be throwing out the first pitch on Thursday.  The Buffalo Bills' own Josh Allen!

It wouldn't be his first time throwing on a baseball field.  Josh used to play in high school.  (You have to click here to see his stats...and his picture from high school!)  And truthfully, it wouldn't even be his first time on the field at Sahlen Field.  Remember when he joined Safety Micah Hyde's charity softball tournament?  He made headlines by chugging a beer before stepping up to the plate and winning the homerun derby.


The Blue Jays will take on the Yankees on Thursday Night at Sahlen Field.  First pitch will be at 7:07pm.  Weather looks great!  They're calling for lots of sunshine and a high of 75!  Unfortunately, if you didn't get in on this round of tickets, they're already sold out.

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