They've been in New York for decades now.  You know them under a different name, but they're closing centers and unfortunately laying workers off soon.

They were known as Schwan's back in the day

When we were kids we would LOVE when these trucks came around.  Not only did they bring some incredible food items, but more importantly, they brought ice cream.  From cones and novelties to something we called push-ups.  They were perfect in the summer.

They were known as Schwan's when I was a kid and you could find their trucks all over Western New York.  Everybody had a "Schwan's guy."

Schwan's changed their name in a re-branding effort

In 2022, the Schwan's company went through a re-branding effort.  They changed to "Yelloh" as a nod to the yellow trucks that they drove and also as a bit of aslang to the word "hello."

"Embracing personal connections that form between our people and the communities we serve has set us apart for seven decades and is our biggest advantage in the highly competitive food delivery marketplace.” - Joe Kirby, president and chief executive officer of Yelloh

Unfortunately, Yelloh is laying off workers in states like New York

They've been centered in Minnesota since the beginning and will continue to be in service in 18 states.  However, the announcement was made today that they will be cutting jobs and closing some sites in New York state.  Buffalo Business First says that will include the site in Jamestown.

In a release, they cited economic headwinds, rising business costs and the reality of the post-pandemic world as reasons why they would be cutting 750 jobs nationwide and closing 90 delivery centers.

The closures will begin on December 8th.

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