We've heard numerous accounts where women breastfeeding in public have become a concern, and woman's rights have become a topic because of it.

In a recent incident at an LA Fitness, a bunch of mothers did a "nurse-in" outside of the club to support a fellow mom who was recently asked to leave the women's locker room for breastfeeding her baby. According to Yahoo:

According to a story published recently by San Diego local news station 10News, in late April, Monique Golueke of San Marcos, California, brought her 9-month-old and 2-year-old sons to the gym’s child care center (which LA Fitness calls its Kids Klub) to play while she exercised, but 45 minutes into her fitness class, a staff member approached Golueke to inform her that her  children weren't settling down. So Golueke left class, brought them into the women’s locker room, and began to nurse her fussy baby.

But Golueke thought that this was an appropriate place to nurse.

...she told 10News that another employee informed her that a member had complained about her children being in the locker room. “There was no sign telling me children were not allowed,” said Golueke. “I was just nourishing my baby in the locker room, an appropriate place — so I thought — and I was asked to leave."

Is it appropriate? Should she bring her children in a locker room where people may feel uncomfortable while she nurses in front of them? Perhaps it is just plain rude and she is inconsiderate of anyone else's feelings? After all, she says there's no sign saying children weren't allowed, but is that what the argument is really about?

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