A huge number of absentee ballots were sent in this year.  But what happens to them after they're sent?  Here's how you can check their status.

The number of votes this year has been incredible.  People are finding ways to make their voices heard.  Whether it was done through early voting, absentee voting, or in-person voting on election day, the numbers are off the chart.  They're still counting!

But if you sent your ballot in through absentee voting, how can you be sure what happened to it?  Did it get counted?  Is it still in transit?

There is a way to tell.  Some counties actually have an online tool that will let you know where your ballot is in the process.   Thanks to WKBW for the list of counties that have online tools and the links to find them:

Online tool available here.

Online tool available here.

Online tool available here.

The following counties do not have online tools available to track your ballot, however, you can call the board of elections to make sure that it was counted.  Keep in mind, many places are still counting votes that were held up in the post office and are still coming in.  The ballots had to be postmarked by 11/3 in order to count.

Contact the Board of Elections by phone at 585-268-9294 or email ACBOE@alleganyco.com.

Contact the Board of Elections at 716-938-2400

Contact the Board of Elections at 585-815-7804 or email election@co.genesee.ny.us.

Contact the Board of Elections at 585-589-3274.

Contact the Board of Elections at 585-786-8931.


Got more questions about absentee voting?  Check out more right here.  



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