Ballot Selfie
There's pride to be had in voting.  You have just performed your civic duty and you want to show it off to the world.  Maybe it's your first time voting ever and you want to record you take out your phone and click a quick selfie.
Just For Voting!
Voting - it's your right as an American citizen, but did you know that this year there are extra perks too?  According to Consumerist, not only do you get to use your voice to choose your elected officials, but you can also get free stuff for it!
My Polling Place?
If you're excited to vote, we are almost ready get the party started and if you're not excited about the election...well, the good news is that it's almost over. In the United States,it is our right to vote, so if you're unsure of your polling place for Tuesdays election or if you want to just doubl…
Getting Fined On Election Day
Election day is coming up and if you do this at a New York polling place--you can get fined up to $1000.
When voting, you have to be careful while taking selfies.
You CANNOT take a picture of a completed ballot.
You CAN take pictures at a polling place or even with a blank ballot.
New Y...
#1 Comlpaint At Polls
According to state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office, New York voting problems reached over 700 inquiries – and that was all before happy hour.
The #1 complaint in New York State was people who got to the polls and were told they were not registered
The second biggest complaint wa…

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