The annual ritchual that is essential for the continuation of our society has finally come and gone; now it's time to review the results of the 2023 New York State local and county elections.

Election Day 2023 was on Tuesday, November 7th, and the polls were open from 6 am to 9 pm. During the 15 hours that people could vote, plus the additional 9 days of early voting, more than 200,000 votes were cast in Erie County, and the unofficial results are now available.

What Offices Were Being Elected This Year?

According to the Erie County and Niagara County boards of elections, there were several offices set to be elected this year, including:

  • Erie County Executive
  • Niagara County Clerk
  • County Legislator(s)
  • State Family Court Judge(s)
  • Buffalo Common Council Member(s)
  • Mayor of Lackawanna
  • Cheektowaga Town Supervisor
  • Amherst Town Council Member(s)

Because this election focused on state, county, and local issues, this year's voting will directly impact you.

The Unofficial Results Are In

The unofficial results show several races were decided on election night.

Erie County Executive: 200,034 votes were cast in the County Executive Race, with incumbent Mark Poloncarz receiving 116,893 votes against the primary competitor Chrissy Casilio, who received 80,404 votes. An additional 2,286 were cast for Duane Whitmer, with another 451 votes going to various write-in candidates.

Niagara County Clerk: A total of 24,851 votes were cast in the Niagara County Clerk race, with incumbent Joseph Jastrzemski, who was running unopposed, receiving 24,561 votes - which is more than 98% of the total vote. Another 290 votes were cast for various write-in candidates.

City of Buffalo Masten Common Council Member: 3,118 votes were cast in this election, with political newcomer Zeneta Everhart earning 2,713 votes against her opponent Murray Holman, who gained 348 votes.

Town of Cheektowaga Supervisor: This race is considered by many as still too close to call. 17,906 votes have been cast in this election, with Brain Nowak getting 8,959 votes and Michael Jasinski getting 8,913 votes. The difference in votes between the two candidates is 46 votes.

When Will The Final Results Be Available?

The results we get on election night are an unofficial count. State law dictates when the final count happens and is certified.

According to the Erie County Board of Elections, the final canvass will begin on Wednesday, November 15, 2023, at 2:00 pm.

Until then, you can view the full unofficial voting results in Erie County Here and in Niagara County Here.

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