'Sex And The Election'
Rumors are circulating that Cynthia Nixon might be making a run for governor of New York in the 2018 election. Nixon is know for her role as Miranda on "Sex and the City" who be challenging current Governor Andrew Cuomo in the Democratic primary...
108-Year Old Voter
She's voted every year since 1929 when she was 21 and on election day she voted for the 87th straight year.  108-year old Helen Allen cast her ballot for President of the United States on Tuesday at the Elderwood rehabilitation center in Wheatfield.
Local Winners
During the race for the white house, local and state winners were running for office to serve Western New York last night as well.
Lets take a look at the winners!
New York Poll Numbers
This is the latest of over 30 polls done across New York State in 2016 predicting who will win the votes in New York when it comes down to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Though, Donald Trump is gaining some ground, New York has two Democrats to every Republican...
Election Day Threats
The already controversial election that is nearing the end is having another red-flag, but this time, has the public worried. According to United States Homeland Security, there have been conversations involving al Qaeda terrorist attacks during the election specifically noting New Yo…
Election Vandalism
Katie Alexander reported this story yesterday on Twitter.
Someone decided to take that extra step to get the last minute word out about voting for Trump in an interesting way. The word "TRUMP" was mowed into the grass outside of the Kenmore Community Center polling site...
Protesters Dragged Out
Tonight I attended the Donald Trump Campaign Rally in Buffalo, NY, at First Niagara Center! Moments after Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump took the podium, several protesters began to make noise. A group of anti-Trump individuals locked arms and sat on the ground directly in front of t…

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