This. Is. Genius. Why did someone not think of this earlier? I LOVE escape rooms and I've done quite a few and have even hosted Murder Mystery parties too. There is something about putting your phones down and playing an elevated board game! What I love about escape rooms is the interactive fun you while still challenging your mind. My sister teaches 4th grande and she bought a kit to build her own escape room and she incorporates it into her lesson. However, it is a lot of work and to pull it off and host a party can be overwhelming. So why not let the experts handle the challenge and you handle the party.

The guys over at The Exits Rooms have awesome Escape Rooms that even included Mobile rooms that can be brought to your work place or event. And now, they've taken it one step farther and are coming out with a home version of their CSI Buffalo Escape Room! It will be crazy easy too! They will drop it off the night of your party and pick it up the next moring! And the game can be modified for all ages! Here's what they said of the home version on their FB page,

"We will drop off a trunk with all of the supplies for you to set up an escape room in any room of your house and use it for as many groups as you'd like! We will include an instructional video for the host to watch so they know how to set up and run the game."

I can't wait to sign up for this and host a sweet party for my friends! This will be perfect for birthday parties, family get togethers or just a Saturday night!

Get more details and ask your questions on The Exit Rooms website and Facebook.

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