You are going to be dumbfounded when we tell you this: Goofy may not actually be a dog. Goofy is a cow. Apparently.

We have been debating this all morning on Clay and Company. There has been a old-question that popped up today: What animal is Goofy? Most think he is a dog, but the man who voices Goofy has recently said in fact, he is not, according to Bill Farmer who voices the Disney character.

Bill has been the voice of Disney's 'Goofy' since 1987. He auditioned for the voice, but before, he studied the way the original actor Pinto Colvig performed as Goofy in the 1930s and 1940s cartoons. So far, three people have officially voiced Goofy. First, Colvig, then Yuu Shimaka and now, Farmer.

“He is not a dog,” Farmer tells us, with absolute authority", according to a recent sit down with Yahoo. Though, it is important to note that Farmer also does not mention anything about Goofy being a cow.

It was fun though, to watch Farmer voice Goofy, sitting right in the comfort of his own home. Check out the video, below!

Wait until you see Mickey and Minnie because seeing the people who voice the two of them are wild. In fact, they were actually married to each other!

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