Today is National Cookie Day because, come on - who doesn't like cookies?  Why December 4th?  I suppose like everything else, cookies had to have its own special day and it turns out December 4th was available.  And today also serves as a reminder that if you haven't thought about it yet it's time to start thinking about making your homemade Christmas cookies.

And if you pay attention to things like that a lot of grocery stores always seem to have sales on flour, sugar and butter at around this time of year to help you get stocked up on all of the key ingredients for making cookies.  You can cheat and buy Christmas cookies in the store, but there's nothing like a good homemade cookie especially when the whole family gets involved in the project.

Beyond Christmas cookies, what are the top-selling cookie brands?  According to Statista, using statistics and studies from more than 22,500 sources, private label or generic cookies of all types outsell all other brands by a wide margin.  The gap between the sale of private label cookies and the Number-2 best seller was nearly half a billion dollars.

What's the Number-2 best selling brand?  I'm sure you might have already guessed that Nabisco's Oreo's hold down that spot with $672.2 million in sales.

Here's the complete Top 10

  1. Private label cookies - $1,155.8 million
  2. Nabisco Oreo - $674.2 million
  3. Nabisco Chips Ahoy - $619.4 million
  4. Nabisco BelVita - $271.2 million
  5. Nabisco Oreo Double Stuff - $251-million
  6. Little Debbie - $236.5 million
  7. Little Debbie Nutty Bar - $162.1 million
  8. Nabisco Nilla - $152.7 million
  9. Pepperidge Farm Milano - $143.8 million
  10. Lofthouse - $142.3

With all those great cookies in the Top 10, my favorite cookies don't appear.  Give me ginger snaps or a good molasses cookie.  Although I don't eat a lot of cookies, put either one of those two in front of me and I can't resist.

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