Of course there is a Western New York connection! There always seems to be, right?

You may have a lot of time on your hands right now and may have some time to get to the bottom of some of your usual ridiculous questions you ask yourself. One guy just wanted to know WHY ARE TRISCUITS NAMED TRISCUITS?!

And he found out why.

In fact, Nabisco, the parent company claimed they didn't even know.

The 'TRI' in Trisucuits is because back in 1903, the manufacuturers claimed it was the only food made from electricity....in Niagara Falls, NY.

Here's the exchange with Nabisco and the man trying to uncover the answer:

"So we went straight to the source. We emailed Nabisco. And the response we got a few days later shook us to the core. Here it is:"

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