There is a scam being sent around the United States and it is not like the standard internet scams your IT professionals may have warned you about.

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Since 2020 has been pretty unusual and downright frustrating, why not add something in the mail to make us all even more paranoid?
Below is a news story about the suspicious packages that are filled with seeds that are allegedly from China.

I have been saying since the pandemic started that it is nice to get mail even if it is of the junk variety. It gives us at least something to do or look forward to when the mail truck comes down the road. But this may be taking junk mail to a new level. The problem with the seeds is that the USDA is very cautious about what is brought in from other countries when it comes to plants, trees, produce and even dirt! There is always the potential for an invasive plant that may not only threaten our agriculture, but may in face threaten our health.
Take a look at what is coming to your house and like we have become accustomed to, call the police or report any suspicious packages.

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