If some of these fit, you may be a Buffalonian... if some of them don't... then you might be a Canadian.

We did a list a while back, and it's gotten even bigger now! Check out the first "You Might Have Been Born in Buffalo If..." by clicking this blue stuff. So again without further adieu:

You Might Have Been Born in Buffalo If...

1.) You drink Genny, Genny Cream, Loganberry, Vernor's and Black Rock pop

2.) Pop is what you drink and soda is what you bake with.

3.) You have worn shorts and a jacket at the same time.

4.) Niagara Falls is better for shopping than scenery.

5.) "Lake Effect Snow" are the worst words you can hear.

6.) Your Halloween costume can fit over your parka.

7.) You have a "Bathtub Madonna" in your front yard.

8.) You actually enjoy winter driving because the pot holes are filled in.

9.) You constantly have Canadian change in you pocket.

10.) You have a box of Freddie's Donuts hiding somewhere.

11.) You ask for "dippy eggs" instead of over easy.

12.) You can drive 75 mph during a blizzard.

13.) You have more miles on your snow blower than your car.

14.) You consider Canada "west".

15.) Seeing a Miami license plate fills you with rage

16.) You can correctly pronounce Scajaquada.

The list goes on! It actually does too if you click here to see the list we used to make this list...man, should we have a list for that?

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