There are people in need everywhere.  That's where Kaiana Garner comes in.  She has stepped up to help people in her neighborhood by offering a food her front yard.

Blake Shelton has asked his fans to help out their local food pantries by making donations to help those who need them.  I'd argue that this is taking the next step.  Kai has created her own pantry where people can stop by and get pretty much anything they need...for free.

According to WKBW, the 13-year-old has been running the food pantry for 3 weeks now and giving out everything from toiletries to cereal and pasta.

"Me and my mom have been blessed that we can give back to our community," - Kaiana Garner

The best part of it all is that she couldn't do it by herself.  But donations have come in from just about everywhere.  Donations have come in from the Liberty Partnerships Program, Discount Groceries in Lyndonville, and people who are just walking by.

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