Many of us have been stuck at home for a couple weeks now.  If you are running out of things to do, this might give you some ideas...

Tired of the same old puzzles?  Your family has already had enough fights over board games and you've beaten every video game you own.  Heck, at this point, you probably feel like you've finished Netflix...all of Netflix.

What is there to do now?

Well...we could drink.  That's always an option.

(Now, if you are not a drinker, you might just want to click off of this article now.  Because frankly, this is all about drinking.)

If you've drank all of your favorite liquors, but still have a bunch of bottles of "other stuff" left, this website is for you.  If you want to just try a new way of drinking the stuff that you have in your house, this website is for you.  If you just want new ideas on how to drink up what's left of your bar....this website is for you.

It's called,  Here's how it works:

1.  Go to the website.

2.  Enter the liquor that you have in your bar/liquor cabinet.

3.  See what you can make.

4.  Make those drinks.

5.  Drink those drinks.

Ok...I'll admit, 5 steps might be a bit much.  But you get the idea.  Enjoy your next couple of days.


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