America loves to cook. Cooking shows are everywhere. One of the highest rated cable channels is an entire network devoted to making food and local cooking classes are sold out months in advance.

As people are making the switch from the drive thru and going out to eat to dining in and preparing their own food, they’re learning what chefs have known for’re only as good as your knife. A good knife allows you to chop, slice, dice, julienne, and mince like a pro. A bad knife is not only subpar in performance but can be just plain dangerous.

What else makes a good knife? When it’s made in America. Rada Cutlery is proudly manufactured in Waverly, Iowa and is 100% American. So, when you sit down to dinner and your family is raving about how good everything is, you can sit back and know that not only is it delicious, but it was made using good ‘ol American products.

Rada Cutlery is available at the Made in America store at 900 Maple Road in Elma, N.Y., or online at While you’re there check out the huge selection of quick mix dips. From spinach to tomato basil to dessert dips, they have it all.