We often talk about the benefits of buying American here at WYRK. When you buy an American product your money stays in this country, it helps the economy and it creates jobs. But, we can’t forget about another reason why the products you purchase should say Made in The U.S.A. – quality.

Take Zippo lighters. Zippos gained popularity for their durability and function during World War II. Since then, over 400,000,000 Zippos have been produced. Most people, even non-smokers, instantly recognize the noise a Zippo makes as its owner flips open the top. People all over the world collect Zippo lighters and the Made in America store in Elma, New York, has a huge selection to get you started.

Case Knives are another collectable product that is American to the core. Introduced in 1900 the Case Brothers created top of the line cutlery at a time when knives were as indispensable as cell phones are today. These pocket knives come in a wide variety of styles and are extremely sought after.

People all over the world collect Zippo lighters, Case Knives and Whitehall Products. And, you can get them at the Made in America
Store in Elma, New York.

As always, the easiest way to buy 100% American-made products is to go to the Made in America store at 900 Maple Road in Elma, N.Y., or online at saveourcountryfirst.com.