I can't keep up. I try to stay up to date with most things that are happening around the world. But the world of technology is moving so fast it makes it tough to stay on track. The iPhone 5S isn't even out yet and already there is talk of another "must have" from Apple.

According to a post on informationweek.com :

Apple will reveal a smaller iPad at an event separate from the next-generation iPhone announcement. This is contrary to previous rumors and reports, which indicated that the new tablet and phone would be unveiled at the same event.

That is all we have heard/read so far. Apple is very good at holding things secret. However, I have to believe that the Mini iPad will be available soon after the release of the new iPhone. My guess is that Apple will want both to be available just in time for the Holidays. Of course, there will no doubt be an upgrade for both as the new year comes around.