You can do all the basics to keep your self alive on a motorcycle: own a well-maintained bike with great tires, brakes, lights, etc. Have all the proper protective gear: leather boots, jacket, gloves and proper eye wear, etc. You can even take a motorcycle safety training class. But there is one thing you must have when venturing out onto the roadways on two wheels. Probably the most important thing can have to stay alive is having the proper attitude. Riding a motorcycle safely requires you to use your brain and to really think about staying safe at all times. Having the proper attitude means having respect for your motorcycle and knowing your limitations. It means not taking foolish chances when you don't have to. It's about staying focused when you are on your machine.  It's about constantly scanning your mirrors and the road in front of you for potential hazards.  When I am riding my motorcycle in heavy traffic, I am always thinking about escape routes. A place where I can navigate my motorcycle away from a dangerous situation. Being able to react fast in a dangerous situation requires having a clear head. If you are riding your bike under the influence of drugs or alcohol, your reflexes and reaction time is slowed. That is a situation that may cost you your life.  Riding your motorcycle should be fun and relaxing, but having the right attitude will ensure you will be around for the next ride. Respect your machine and what you are doing. Out on the road, second chances are few. Be safe and I will see you on the road.