11 year old Logan Fairbanks already fills the 'big brother' role for a lot of people within his neighborhood, his dad says. Little did he know he was really going to be getting the job title.

Logan thought he was in trouble at first when his dad, Josh, asked him to read a letter. Logan started reading the note off to the camera which, began with the confirmation of a family vacation to Carolina. Then, the big news that will even make you smile...

Josh posted the video on his Facebook wall that went viral this past weekend.


He is very much a big brother role to other small kids in our small town. It would not have broken his heart if he wasn't an older brother but it was something he really wanted. He spent the other night at a friend's house who has a 3- or 4-year-old sister. She was so upset when he left for school the next morning. She kept asking for "my Logan" even though he's only been there a few times. He's such a positive, loving child."


Congratulations to the Fairbanks family!