Bounce House Goes Airborne With Kids Inside On Niagara Falls Blvd.
It was a scary sight out on Niagara Falls Blvd. when a inflatable bounce house with kids inside, went airborne.
The incident happened at the MAiZE out on the Boulevard Sunday afternoon whe nthe bounce house went up and over about 50 feet from it's original location from the high winds over …
Top Baby Names For 2017 [LIST]
It's always interesting to see the changes in top baby names in the United States year after year. Nameberry has released their list for 2017! Olivia has taken the top spot for the second year in a row. In 2015, Charlotte took the top spot for baby girls...
Brett Alan’s 7 Movies Your Kids Should See Before 11
I saw a list today from an educational website called Into Film, that listed the 50 movies your kids should see before they turn 11.  While I understand that  the list could only have 50 films on it, I had some that I thought should have made that list.
Watch Dad Give Toddler Some Shooting Lessons! [VIDEO]
Gooood Morning! This was too good not to share!
The video is captioned "when you leave the baby with dad" and the video shows a toddler in his diaper standing next to dad who decided to give him some lessons on gun practices. Dad even makes sure to remind the toddler that you never aim the …

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