Sometimes miracles come in the most unexpected places. Especially for Mike and Sarah Buttino of Buffalo, when they had to do an emergency pullover on the thruway for Mike to deliver their baby.

The knew it was time to head to the hospital yesterday evening after Sarah was experiencing contractions. They rushed to the hospital a week earlier than expected.

Well, after the third emergency stop, that was it. The baby was coming out right then and there by the William Street exit on the Thruway! Mike called 911, and they walked him how to deliver his baby.

According to WGRZ, Mike says:

I was hoping the ambulance would arrive soon, but it didn't, and he said, 'Can you push?' OK, guess we are delivering the baby, and she pushed once, and the head came out. I said breathe, and she pushed again, and the baby came out and in my hands, most amazing experience.