Sometimes I think that there should be a license to be a parent.

A mother hopefully learned a very important and embarrassing lesson on How to Parent 101. Rule 1: Don’t leave your newborn baby in the car when you shop.

Did the baby need to come with an instruction manual or something? I mean, even the kids on ‘16 and Pregnant ‘(probably) know that.

Over the weekend a bunch of worried shoppers passing by the mother’s car on their way in and out of a grocery store read a note that was placed on the tucked-in baby’s lap.

It read:

My mum's in doing the shopping, call her if I need anything.”

It also listed her cell phone number.

Being the Good Samaritans that some people are, rather than calling the authorities, the bystanders felt sorry for the mother and called her instead.

"As parents ourselves, we know it is hard to get a baby to sleep, and once you start moving them they can wake up. We thought it was just a silly decision by a tired mother,” said one man, according to MSN.

Really? What’s worse? This or a mother getting her 14 year old drunk? Nevermind, dumb question.