If you like beer, you’re gonna love this. Beer contains more than 30 minerals including all the essential minerals including calcium, chloride, chromium, copper, iodine, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, sodium and zinc. If you drink two pints of beer it’ll provide almost half of the adult daily requirement of magnesium, 40 percent of phosphorus and 20 percent of potassium.

But of course you can get all of these essential minerals from eating the right foods, but let’s not spoil the fun.

And oh, there’s no cholesterol or fat in beer – but you can get fat because there’s lots of carbs and calories.

When happens when you drink too much beer? You get a hangover, but in other countries they have different ways to describe it.

  • In Spain they call it “backlash.”
  • In Sweden they call it “pain in the hair roots.”
  • In Italy they say it’s “out of tune.”
  • In Germany it’s called “wailing of the cats.”
  • It’s called ‘wood mouth” in France.

And how do you cure a hangover?  There are some interesting cures from around the world.

  • Some Germans say the way to do it is by eating red meat and bananas.
  • The Chinese drink spinach tea.
  • The French drink strong coffee with salt.
  • Some Puerto Ricans rub a lemon under their drinking arm.
  • Russians cure a hangover by drinking vodka.

SOURCE: Omg-facts.com, Listverse.com