So I'm doing it again...I swore last year that I wouldn't EVER do it again, but I'm doing it again.  It's kind of like when you wake up with a huge hangover after a long night of having fun and you swear that you'll "never drink again."  At that moment you remember just how much you overdid it.  But a couple days later, you're back at it.  Well...I'm back at it.  I'm running in my second half marathon.

Now if you are a big time runner, then a half marathon doesn't seem like all that much.  Some people can do them in their sleep. 

I'm not one of those people.  I'm a 250 lb. guy who used to live by the motto, "I'll only run if there's someone bigger than me chasing."

This is hard work for me.  It seems like such a simple concept.  Put one foot in front of the other and repeat until you've traveled 13.1 miles.  But there's so much more to it.

The things that you have to think about involve breathing (another action that seems involuntary until you've run a couple miles and you realize you have to actually concentrate on it), diet, clothing, footwear, and of course music.

Last year I ran only one half marathon and when I tell people my time they've actually asked, "Did you actually RUN it?"  Well...yeah....kind of.  I ran out of gas pretty early last year and kind of limped my way through the rest of it.  I wasn't nearly as prepared as I would have hoped to have been.  I was thinking about so much that morning that I didn't even eat breakfast that day!  Which is not something that I would suggest anyone do if they're trying to run 13 miles.  It's like trying to take a road trip with the empty light lit up for your gas tank.  You might make it....but then never know.

So this year I'm determined to do better.  To all the runners out there, if you've got some good advice, I'm happy to take it.  I have no aspirations to make world record time (or even Buffalo record time) but I want to beat my time from last year.  So I've started training.  And I'm going to do it again...only this time, I'm going to do it better.  Wish me luck!