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The Daily Distraction is your internet break when you need to escape reality. Just be sure to share the love with your overly stressed, underpaid coworkers. Warning: These videos are highly addictive.

Man Punches Kangaroo Who Was Attacking His Dog [VIDEO]
There is one thing that I know and that's the fact that kangaroos are jacked! They are so strong and their tails are lethal! So when I saw this video I didn't believe it at first, but watch this guy go after a kangaroo who was attacking his dog...
Check Out Where This Hunter Put The Deer He Just Took [VIDEO]
It's not everyday you see stuff like this... I've seen deer wrapped up in tarps or legs sticking out of the back of the truck bed, but I've never seen this cruising down the 90!
Most people on Jeremy's Facebook found this amusing, but some also found it disrespectful to the animal…
Here’s A Fun And Hilarious Game For Your Holiday Party [VIDEO]
It's so simple and it's hilarious! Taking a cue from Barrel Of Monkeys, you use one candy candy cane to grab the others! Whoever gets the most before time runs out wins!!! Watch!
This has my competitive family written all over it! Get ready because your holiday party just got better...
Pickle Candy Canes Are Now A Thing For The Holidays
Some people have the tradition of putting candy canes on the tree and some people have a tradition where they hide a pickle in the tree, now you can do both! Why you would want to I'm not sure...and why they think we need pickle candy canes, I'm also not sure...
The Mannequin Challenge Hits Sesame Street [VIDEO]
Can you tell me how to get... hello...are you alive...why aren't you moving? Your favorite characters that live on Sesame Street have gone still! The Mannequin Challenge has even hit your favorite kid's show!
My favorite is the caption below the video on Sesame Street's YouTube page:

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