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Woodstock, Niagara Power Project Could Become A Historic Sites
The location of one of the most iconic music festival could be getting the official historic title. The Woodstock Music Festival location in Bethel, New York has been nominated to the State and National Registers of Historic Places. Also, nominated is the Niagara Power Project Historic district, whi…
Clay Built A Lego Table For Liz’s Little Cousin [PHOTOS]
After he completed his framing class it was the perfect time to hit Clay up for a project!
My sister is all sorts of crafty and that is something I am not! So when she repurposed and old side table into a Lego table for her friends son I was obviously impressed...
Could The Festival Of Lights Be Headed Back To Niagara Falls?
It looks like the rumblings are beginning about the possibility of bringing the Festival of Lights back to Niagara Falls. While nothing is set in stone, seeing the success across the boarder in Ontario with their similar event, a few people on the tourism board think it would be great for the city i…
Yankee Candle “Luminous Collection” Recall
You might want to check thru some of those Yankee Candle gifts you have wrapped up to give away.  About 31,000 of Yankee Candle's "Luminous Collection" candles are being recalled after reports of the glass cracking after the candle is lit.  No injuries have been…
Parents Set To Keep Other Couples’ Kids After Hospital Screw-Up
I have no clue what I would do in this situation.
Of course, the important question is: which parents?
Two children, a boy and a girl born in Johannesburg in 2010, were accidentally switched at birth.
The mix-up occurred when nurses accidentally confused the identity of the two children...

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