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Truck Becomes Submerged While Launching A Boat
Ah..yes!  It's spring!  People are getting pretty excited about all the things that come along with the nicer weather, walks, bike rides, boating season.  Of course, boating season is a whole lot more fun when the boat launch goes off smoothly.
Gander Mountain Stores Are Closing
Back in March when Gander Mountain announced it had filed for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11, the St. Paul, Minnesota-based company said it was closing 32 stores, but 130 would remain open.  As part of the plan, the company was put up for sale.
When You Can See The Full Pink Moon In WNY + Southern Ontario
The full moon is approaching for the month of April and this year it will happen on Tuesday, April 11th. The full moon in April is also known as the Pink Moon however, don't expect to see a particularly pink moon. The Pink Moon is not named for it's color but for the pink flower that bloom…
The Most Grillable Foods From Buffalo
Snow by Friday? Say it ain't so! Even though the forecast isn't cooperating with the fact that it is spring, that shouldn't keep us from grilling up something for dinner! Grilling in Buffalo doesn't really have a season. No matter the weather, even in the snow, you'll find a grill or smoker going. B…
Temperatures For Rest of March to Remain Below Normal
Up to the start of March our Buffalo winter has been fairly mild.  In fact, February was one of the warmest on record for Buffalo.  That trend certainly changed this March and according to the Buffalo National Weather Service March temperatures will remain cold...

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