USA Today recently published a survey on how dog owners celebrate their dog's birthday.  The survey was given to 1,120 dog owners 18 years and older. Here is what they found.....

55%- Most of those surveyed said the obvious----Purchase the dog a gift ( I would have figured that more than 55% of dog owners would buy their dog a gift......Must have some cheap owners out there.  If you think the dog doesn't appreciate it, buy him/her a cool toy with noises...They'll love it)


40%- Made a special food- ( I don't usually slave in the kitchen to make my two boys a great dish, but i will toss a little extra their ways.  A couple extra treats, some wet dog food...and maybe a lil nibble of my chicken/burger.  I'm still trying to figure out those who refuse to feed their dog ANY "people food").


27%- Went on a special outing- (If the outing was to the park, dog store or something like that....that's cool.  Now if you took your dog to the drive-in, out to a fancy restaurant or clothes shopping....You're a lil weird...LOL)


15%- Went out and bought their dog a cake or baked it!!.....(Now that's where I start to draw the line......maybe a squirt of whipped cream, but a full cake??  What's next....a full blown party?????)


Yes it is!!!!.......11% of the owners surveyed have thrown their pooches a birthday party. That's a lil overboard for me.....I don't care to sit around a table with my neighbors and their pets, with happy lil hats on celebrating a dog's birthday.  Don't get me wrong....I love my lil "Tater" and "Fatts"....but no full blown parties.  I'm sure if they could speak, they'd say....."Have you lost your marbles bro?")