It's as easy as just putting down the phone for 15 minutes while you drive around. People have become so dependent on (obsessed with) their phones that they can't even drive around without answering their phone.

New York State has cracked down on what has killed millions of people across the country, and the penlites for these crimes are getting quite harsh.

If you get a cell phone or texting ticket, it's not three points on your license anymore -- it's now five points, and once you accumulate 11 points, your license can be suspended.

The fines? According to WKBW:

They now range from $50 to $400, and that's before any court costs or insurance increase. Craig Willoughby, Owner of Willoughby Insurance, said most insurance companies wouldn't charge for your first minor violation. 'If you get a second texting ticket or second cell phone violation, you get a two point mark on your insurance,' said Willoughby. These two points cause a twenty percent increase. Willoughby says companies are jumping on board to pose tougher penalties for driver.