What a great way to start a weekend of great entertainment. Jam In The Valley got underway Thursday in Varysburg. The three-day music festival is one of the biggest and best of the year, and although Mother Nature delivered more than enough rain, the campers and country music fans didn't seem to mind gettin down in the mud!

I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Janson prior to his set Thursday night. The guy is as real as they come. Thanks to YouTube, I have seen Chris' performances and was really looking forward to catching one in person.

Unlike a lot of other stars, Janson hasn't forgotten who is paying his salary. When I say that he is "the real deal," I mean that he is basically your everyday guy that happens to have incredible talent. I stood way in the back of the field watching and noticing that Chris could be anyone of the hundreds of guys I saw walking around, drinking beer and celebrating Independence Day. He is "one of us."  From the moment he got on stage, you could tell he was honored just to be where he was.

I don't think I have ever seen an artist play harmonica as well as he can. It was so good that I was questioning if it was pre-recorded! (Of course, it wasn't.) He makes it sound and look easy. Think I am kidding? Try playing a harmonica and make it sound like a piano! He nailed that!

Song after song, Janson impressed the mud-bogged fans that were lucky enough to catch a star on the way up. From songs like "Better I Don't" to "Truck Yeah" (he wrote that hit for Tim McGraw), Janson had us all dancing! After about the 10th person walked up and asked me "Who is this guy?" I realized that indeed, Janson is exactly why I started liking country music. He is genuine. He loves his family (he is clearly a very devoted and loving husband), the USA, Jesus and everything else that we as country fans can relate to.

The set had something for everyone. Drinking songs, cheating songs, rednecking fun songs and love songs. It was a breath of fresh air to 1. get to enjoy a show as a fan and 2. watch someone as talented as Janson. I feel bad for any artist that has to follow his performance...he owned the crowd at Jam In The Valley!

Jam In The Valley continues through Saturday with plenty more great acts to hit the stage this weekend and fireworks as well on Saturday night!