Don't think it can't happen. It already is proposed in many major cities. For example, in Chicago, legislators are considering a tax on both bullets and firearms. Which in my opinion is just one more step toward gun control that hurts law abiding and responsible gun owners.

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle will submit a budget proposal Thursday that calls for a tax of a nickel for each bullet and $25 for each firearm sold in the nation's second-largest county, which encompasses Chicago.

Preckwinkle's office estimates the tax will generate about $1 million a year, money that would be used for various county services, including medical care for gunshot victims. Law enforcement officials would not have to pay the tax, but the office said it would apply to 40 federally licensed gun dealers in the county.


This is both a money grab and another way for ignorant politicians to deflect blame from themselves on to those gun owners that have taken time to get educated on firearms safety and handling. Isn't sales tax good enough? My guess is that the thugs that commit these crimes are not exactly law abiding individuals that would even notice a tax. I'm guessing when you buy a gun/bullets on the street (black market) the seller isn't calculating the percentage of tax that the buyer owes.

From a small business perspective, you will hurt the small gun shop owners/dealers. Again, they have to charge all their customers the same rate and those of us that are legal, responsible, educated gun owners end up footing the bill because the people in charge can't control crime with the laws they have in place. Lawmakers, wake up. Throwing another tax at us will not stop crime. No matter how you spin it. A tax on bullets/firearms does nothing more than promote a liberal agenda aimed at complete government control on guns, a violation of our rights as citizens.