Life is different now than it was when I was a kid.  I have seen so many kids who just have no respect for adults and have no idea what it means to work.  Social networking has changed the way that they interact with the world.  Watch what happens when this girl posts a letter on facebook to her parents that she never intended for them to see.  **NSFW WARNING**  Lots of profanity!!

Where has respect gone?  When I was a kid, there were chores that I was expected to do and I did them.  I got angry about it like any kid would, but it taught me how to do them as an adult.  I can't thank my parents enough for raising me the way they did.

I have to applaud this dad.  This was obviously a hard thing for him to do.  You can tell how incredibly disappointed he is with his daughter.  But he still sticks to his guns (pun intended) and does what he thinks is best for her. Sometimes the best way for kids to realize how much they have is to take it away every now and then...and he certainly took care of that for her!