UPDATED March 17: Erie County GOP leaders point out that a GOP event is being looked into here in Western New York in the near future. After strong showings during this week's Super Tuesday, Donald Trump and John John Kasich could very likely personally visit Buffalo and it makes sense. According to WGRZ:

Nick Langworthy says, "We're the second largest media market in the state. It would only make sense in the lead-up to the primary. I wouldn't think it would probably take place until the week before or a few days before the primary. I think we could have a very large event here. Some have suggested the First Niagara Center. I mean I think that would be great to show that kind of support."


Trump's camp has been talked to. The arena folks have been involved in talks and there is a good chance that Donald Trump may be taking over First Niagara Center real soon.

Buffalo developer Carl Paladino is starting to rally and if you even know Carl a little, you know he's going in full-force.

I’ve asked his camp, I’ve talked to the arena people. Things are in motion", says Paladino.

Carl has been sending out letters and emails looking for people to campaign for Trump here in Western New York and he says, the support has been overwhelming. According to our friends at Channel 4:

He won’t say how many have signed up to volunteer until the Trump campaign in NY releases it, but he’s also working to bring Trump to First Niagara Center for a rally sometime in the weeks before the April 19th primary. “This is a political revolution that’s taking place. We’re seeing a whole bunch of people gonna be marginalized and we’re listening to their death cries right now. They’re afraid of being put outside the door. Don’t go telling me that we’re heavily Democratic that doesn’t make any sense to me, those democrats just like with Reagan, they’re gonna get fed up with the nonsense.”

Nothing is officially in stone, but you would assume if the even were to happen, it would be before the April 19 primary.