Because I’m a big fan of Jennifer Nettles and Kelly Clarkson I’ve been sucked in to the show ‘Duets’ which started off a little slow but now has found its stride.  The first five shows including last night’s third episode were pre-taped with the four superstar mentors Clarkson, Nettles, Legend and Thicke  all scoring the others ‘duet’ performances with the amateurs each week.  Last night one of Robin Thickes partners, Alexis Foster was the first to home.  Here’s how the show works; the superstars vote on their competitor’s performance each week, the amateurs are then ranked according to the superstars votes.  Last night the bottom two had to do a live sing off.  It came down to Kelly Clarkson’s partner Jason Farol and Foster who ultimately went home.  There is one more recorded episode before the show goes live and invites America’s votes.  It’s seems complicated but really isn’t.

Highlights last night were Kelly Clarkson and her second partner, Jordan Meredith who tackled Miranda Lambert’s ‘Mama’s Broken Heart’.  What a fun performance that was. 

Jennifer Nettles and her partners both ranked at the top and wowed the audience with their performances.  She is really fun to watch and gives great advice to all the other performers.