Things here are a lot different than Iraq. The biggest thing is seeing all of the Medic Helicopters come in.  It's pretty sad to see all of them. We have the best hospital in theatre, we have a 99% live rate. Every day and night there are at least 10 missions for medivac. I'm really glad Niagara can provide planes to help these people out. We also transport  prisoners, that's different to see as well. Sometimes I start to feel bad for them but then I wonder what they did to get themselves in their situation. Oh well at least we're catching bad guys.

Well I gotta get going to bed. I will write as soon as I can and keep you updated.

Oh the weather is okay. 113 degrees, dusty, smelly, windy and dirty. I still don't know why we can't go to war with the Bahamas or Cancun. I would do years there. 


(Sgt. Vince K. is a member of the 107th Airwing based out of Niagara Falls)