I can only send one picture at a time so today is this one. It is a sunrise in Afghanistan. Miss every one but I need to get some sleep. Everything is going well just a few minor hicups that you'll probably see on the news. After talking to the Army guys every chance I get I honestly believe we are making progress. Of course nothing happens over night but I think we'll get there eventually. Unfortunately there are still some bad apples out there and we have to go get them but who knows someday they'll be gone or just get tired and all of us will be able to leave this place for good. Oh well until then I guess all we can do is our jobs. Hope you enjoy the sunrise I do every chance I get a moment of free time which isn't very often but at least I get the chance. 

Good night,


(Sgt. Vince K. is a member of the 107th Airwing based out of Niagara Falls)