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I polled our listeners to find out what gifts they thought dad HAD to have this year for Father's Day. I was actually really surprised to hear what you thought. No one mentioned any tools or anything like that. But you did mention one of the most useful gifts ever! Here are some of your answers from our facebook page:


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"A weekend trip to anyplace without the wife and kids."

It can be very nice to have a little time to yourself. You know...do all the things that you want to do, scratch all the places that you need to scratch and not have to worry about anybody saying anything about it.
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"gift cards for what ever suits the need of the project they have going on"

It's the gift that just keeps giving. Only not in a weird way. It's kind of like getting two presents when you get a gift card. Because not only do you get to receive something the day you get the card, but you actually receive another gift when you spend it!
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"Beer And Jack"

Yep. That was the exact quote. I have to admit, if you can't afford the trip away, then alcohol might work to relieve the stress.
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"a Weber genesis E330"

Ok...the Weber grill was what was on the list but honestly, if your dad needs a grill, you will make him happy by getting him one. This has been my favorite gift twice now. I just got a new grill recently and it's already been used like 20 times. This is a great gift for dad!
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"Duct Tape"

This is probably the best suggestion on the list. It is one of the most useful ones for sure! Duct tape can be used for everything from making wallets and clothing to sealing up that leaky faucet or the cut on your hand. It doesn't cost all that much and now it comes in all kinds of colors. What kind of guy gets angry about receiving duct tape as a gift anyway?? By the way...it's duct tape with a 't'. Not Duck Tape with a 'k'. I know that there's a brand called "duck tape". But the stuff that most of us use has a 't' at the end.