Haven't heard much about a possible sale of the Sabres since we first heard that Terry Pagula had made a bid to buy the team.  Well, it turns out Pagula was at last night's Sabres game checking things out and he got to see Drew Stafford score a hat trick in a 3 to 2 win over the Bruins. Nice win.  But this team needs some help and it sounds like Pagula is the guy who'll make it happen - if he ever does get control of the team.  He supposedly has offered Tom Golisando $175-million for a team that Golisano bought 7 years ago for half that amount.  That would work out to a $100-million Profit on a 7-year investment.   Not bad.  Anybody know where I can get a deal like that?   For a guy who admittedly isn't a hockey guy - it would be a tough offer to turn down. 

From what I've heard about Pagula - he's a Sabres fan, held season tickets some years ago and wants to see the team win a Stanley Cup - multiple Cups.  I love the sound of that.  Maybe with him at the game last night it means a sale is getting closer.  I hope so.