The Hotel Lafayette has been an eye sore for many years.  You could see that it was once part of the incredible architecture but it had been run down.  But now, it is once again a work of art.  It has been restored to a beautiful building, and tonight is the grand re-opening.

Developer Rocco Termini has put a lot of time, money ($42 million), and attention to detail into restoring this iconic building to what it once was.

It now contains four banquet rooms, four restaurants, apartments, several retail shops, and a 34-room boutique hotel.  Before the building even opened 108 of the 115 apartments were already rented.

I have to admit that it's incredibly exciting to see this kind of transformation happening.  It's not even the building that makes me excited though.  It's that people are willing to put time, effort, and money into bringing Buffalo back to what it once was.

To see some before and after pictures, check out the piece that Donn Esmonde from The Buffalo News last week.