Over the years, helmets have been given quite a few nicknames, probably the most common being "brain bucket". Think about it, your helmet does protect your brain. Would you ever want to ride your motorcycle without protecting your brain? Many states do not require you to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle, including a few that are very close to us: Ohio and Pennsylvania. Have I ridden without a helmet in those states? Yes, I have when I was much younger and perhaps a bit more foolish. Would I do it now? Absolutely not. Maybe getting older has provided me with a bit more wisdom. I just feel that riding without a helmet is a dumb idea. A few years back, a friend of mine had a motorcycle accident in North Dakota. She was actually run over by a semi-truck. She was wearing a very expensive full-face helmet at the time. Her Harley was destroyed and the helmet was split in two, BUT she survived and is perfectly OK to this day. Maybe a bit of a miracle in her case but if she were not wearing the helmet, she would have been dead for sure. I know that there are many motorcyclists out there who would like to see every state be a helmet-optional state in the name of freedom. personally, I will strap on the "brain bucket" wherever I am riding. My brain is just too important. If you are riding in the states that don't require a helmet, the choice is yours. Now you know what my choice will be. Be safe on your machine, especially as we head into the colder riding season when those four wheelers don't expect us to be there. See you on the open road!