You may remember that my daughter Madelynn is a HUGE fan of animals.  She loves them all.  About a month ago we ended up saying goodbye to a her pet hamster Peanut.  So we promised her that if she was good his summer we'd get her another one.  She has been great this summer and so we decided to make good on our word.  But we said A hamster.  We didn't know we were getting a bonus.

Our first hamster was Cinnamon and she was a gift from our aunt.  The next hamster came from Santa Claus and it's name was Peanut.  Yesterday we got our third hamster and staying with the food theme, its name is Muffin.  But we didn't know if Muffin was a boy or girl.

We found out today.

Let me remind you...we've only had this hamster for 2 days now.  But today when we woke up, there were 7 hamsters in that cage!  That's right.  Muffin is definitly a female and she now has 6 babies.

This happened a lot to me when I was a kid with my gerbils.  They multiply like crazy!  If this ever happens to you, here's a really good  list of things to do if your hamster has babies.

(Photo courtesy of Flickr user PhotoOpal)