How Not To Eat Corn! [VIDEO]
Your mouth and eyes will get bigger and bigger as this video moves along. Then you'll start to get a little pain in your cheek. At the end of the video, you're gonna being walking around going, "How's he doing that? HOW. IS. HE. DOING. THAT?!"
Caption This Video — Young Corn Hamster
I was pretty freaked out the first time I saw my daughter's hamster with two cheeks full of food. I didn't realize that they actually store their food there before they eat it. And I've never seen one stick an entire mini-corn in there...until now.
Brett’s Baby Hamsters Go Back To The Pet Store
So you may remember me telling you that a couple weeks ago we bought my daughter a new hamster.  Then not even 2 days later, that hamster multiplied (in the original story it says 6 babies...there were more than that).  Yep...9 babies 2 days after we brought her home.  The next quest…
How To Tell If Your Child’s Hamster Is Male Or Female
You may remember that my daughter Madelynn is a HUGE fan of animals.  She loves them all.  About a month ago we ended up saying goodbye to a her pet hamster Peanut.  So we promised her that if she was good his summer we'd get her another one.  She has been great this su…