If you like drinking coffee, you’re gonna love hearing this. A study by Harvard School of Public Health concludes a coffee just might be a miracle drink.

The study says coffee helps prevent skin cancer and Alzheimer’s, reduces the risk of heart failure and diabetes, helps you concentrate and might even prevent liver disease.

Plus one other benefit – coffee is good for mental health. The study showed people who drink two to four cups of coffee every day are less likely to commit suicide. The study followed over 200,000 people for at least 16 years. The ones who drank more coffee had half the suicide risk of those who didn't.

There was another study two years ago that found that women who drink coffee cut their risk of depression by 15 percent. The findings there it was probably the caffeine that acts like an anti-depressant.

But while coffee has all those positive effects, including greater focus, it also still has those negative effects on the quality of length of sleep we get.