There are many people in our community who never get the proper recognition they deserve. One group in particular is our many community volunteer fire departments. These men and women are volunteering their time and energy to protect you and your home and property. And they don't even know you personally. They don't mind leaving their warm bed at 3 in the morning to help someone they don't even know. It takes a special human being who wants to help others like this. My hat is off to all volunteer firefighters!

What I want to do here on the website is to spotlight a different volunteer fire company each week. There's no prize involved, just some well deserved recognition. If you would like your fire company to be the "Volunteer Fire Company Of The Week", I would like you to email me a photo of your fire company's building. or trucks or a group shot of your members. I would also like a short history of your fire company including any recent accolades or accomplishments. Send your information to: I will choose one fire company each week. Help me to salute our hometown heroes.